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Hi, my name is roland caron.
I am a 3d artist with 12 years of experience in different kind of industries.
Started in Video game as a 3d environment artist for Alone in the Dark 4,
moved after that to Ubisoft, doing trailers, prints and covers.
Working few years as a freelance artist for billboard and architecture,
had little experience in the Vfx industry as modeler and Lighting & rendering TD.
I moved to Japan, and I worked as a Lighting & rendering TD.
Now, I came back to France with my family after the big earthquake and looking for new challenges!
work experience: softwares:  
-Winestudios - Japan (2008/2011)    
TD Lighting & rendering.   Softimage  
Under NDA 3dsMax  
-Eclair studio - Paris (2008)   Zbrush  
Environment artist Lighting & rendering.   UvLayout  
project: Blood the last vampire (the movie) Topogun  
  Mental Ray  
-Ubisoft / Ludy Factory - Paris (2003/2007)   Fusion 6  
Env. and char. artist / Compositor /
  After Effect  
Lighting & rendering / Artistic director.   Photoshop  
project:   skills:  
Haze trailer (environment artist)  
Ghost recon: Advanced war 2 trailer (env./char. artist, L& R, compositing) Environment modeling  
Redsteel trailer (env. artist) Hard surface modeling  
Brother in arms 3 (art direction, env. artist, L & R, compositing) Character modeling  
Rayman (art direction, L & R, compositing) Uv / Textures painting  
Ghost recon 3 (realtime assets modeler) Shading setup  
Cold Fear (cut scene render, marketing artist) Lighting setup  
  Rendering setup  
-Darkworks - Paris (1999/2002)      
Environment artist / Lighting & rendering.   languages:  
Alive prototype (realtime env. artist) French  
USS Antartica prototype (realtime env. artist) English  
Alone in the dark: the new nightmare (env. artist, L& R) Turkish  
    Japanese (beginner)